Síðerma treyja - Race Proven Tempest

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This long sleeve jersey is entirely made of Bioracer’s Tempest, an insulative, breathable fabric with a water repellency treatment.

This carefully chosen fabric is warm enough to protect against cold, wind and rain but at the same time light enough to prevent the rider from overheating when temperatures get warmer.

The jersey has a regular Race Proven cut, which means it’s designed to be worn tightly and should fit with an absolute minimum of wrinkles when you’re in a cycling position.

Tech Spec

  • Performance cut, tuned for improved aerodynamics
  • Tempest main material
  • Long lockable heavy duty zipper
  • 3 easily reachable back pockets
  • Tempest sleeve cuffs


Race proven

The Swiss Army Knife of custom gear. A clothing line for all your needs.

Riding a Gran Fondo and looking for lightweight jerseys and shorts that keep your core cool? Race Proven has it.

Are you a Crit Racer looking for the most aerodynamic suit? Race Proven has it.

Team manager looking for a kit that keeps your sponsors happy, a price point that keeps your bookkeeper happy and a wide range of solutions for any circumstance, winter and summer, to keep your riders happy? Race Proven has it.

Race Proven is all of the above, and more. A vast range of well-conceived, well-tested and well-designed clothing with great looks, great design options and above all, great performance benefits.

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